13 things I do when I'm bored

Not many people may relate to this, but I do. Now that everyone is staying at home, people are getting bored! Am I the only person that always has something to do? I never have time to even think about being bored, there are just always so many tasks that I have to complete. I always have something to do, like:

  • Online school homework - this takes up most of my time, we even get P.E homework!!
  • Organizing stuff
  • Studying German/English
  • House chores
  • Calling/face-timing/texting my friends and family
  • Since Thursday writing this blog (•‿•)
  • Going outside on walks, to draw/doodle or to jump on my trampoline 
  • Cooking/baking for example cookies
  • Listening to music/finding new songs to listen to
  • Scrolling through either Pinterest or Tiktok
  • Reading other people's blogs or how-to articles
  • Watching Ted-ed or documentary videos
  • As a treat at the end of the day - catching up on Netflix in the evenings, I'm way behind in all the series I have started watching ages ago!

And other stuff!