5 reasons why I didn't feel like celebrating my birthday ⍨

A few days ago it was my birthday. Sounds great, right? Well, it was, and it wasn't. The reasons why it was great are obvious - I received presents and tons of birthday wishes, ate cake and pizza, spent time with my parents, and, well, that's it.

 Birthday, balloons, pastel, birthday vibe         But I didn't feel the birthday vibe.
1. Every year me and my parents would organise our plan of the day whenever it was my birthday. One year we went on a road trip to Galway in Ireland. Another year we went to the cinema and after to the swimming centre. Every year it would be something different. But this year, we couldn't go anywhere, we had to stay at home to be safe/everything is basically closed anyways. We had a movie day and watched series/movies on Netflix. ( If you are reading this at a later date, this post was published as we were in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Much of the world is quarantined or practicing social distancing, keeping mostly to our homes and trying to limit social interactions to prevent the spread of the virus.

2. Having lived in Northern Ireland, where non of my family members except me and my parents lived, I would celebrate my birthday with just my parents. I would get loads of phone calls with birthday wishes from my family, but I could never spend time with them on my birthday. Two years ago I moved to Poland, and last year was the first time (second if you want to count the day when I was born) that I have celebrated my birthday with my family. And because of the COVID-19 pandemic, my family and I couldn't celebrate my birthday together. It felt like I was in Northern Ireland again. Good that we have phones nowadays whereas I wouldn't even have been able to call them.

3. When I said, "I received presents", I meant money. My parents couldn't buy me anything because as I said, everything is closed except from grocery stores. My mum had some clothes that she bought when she was in England that were for 13 year olds so she didn't give me them until next year on my birthday. It's great that she did keep them for later - I got a few things else than money. And I really like them.

4. Another reason why my birthday wasn't great is because I was meant to organise a birthday party for me and my friends. But then after schools, houses of worship and shopping centres in Poland have been closed, everyone including me started to limit their conact with people as much as possible, because then we actually opened our eyes and noticed that this is all real. The coronavirus is really attacking the world and it people. So I cancelled my birthday party. But all my friends didn't forget that on the 30th of March it's my birthday, and I got plenty of messages with amazing wishes.

5. I felt guilty celebrating my birthday whenever this is going on in the world for the past few months. There was nothing to be celebrating about except the fact that it was my birthday. But at the same time, I'm blowing the candles of the cake and my parents are singing the traditional "Happy birthday" song, while a little bit further from where I live, people are fighting for their life! I want to help, that's why I stayed at home on my birthday. Of course I didn't have any other choice because everything is closed, but if I did, I still would have stayed at home.

At the same time, my birthday was amazing as I had a great movie day with my parents and we ate a delicous cake! But it was tricky trying not to think about this whole situation right now. I wanted to know "what is the weather going to be like tomorrow" so I typed in "what is the" in google search, and it showed up the following suggestion:

And this is why it is hard not to think about what is going on in the world.