DIY easter cards

As Easter is coming up, I have decided to share a simple story about what I did with my easter cards that I made and couldn't bring to school, nor give them out to my family, and to share a few photots of the easter cards. I hope everyone is staying at home and not gathering with their family on easter, but you can still make easter cards and show them through facetime! :)

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About a month ago, like every year, my art teacher gave my school a task for volunteers, which was to make easter cards that would have been given out to teachers, principals and assistants to various schools in our region, later before the easter break. I enjoy making arts and crafts, so I made a total of 24 easter cards. For every 6 cards (primarily, the teacher has to approve them that they are excellently made) that you make, the teacher gave a “6” which in Poland is basically a "A" grade. As it turned out, school was cancelled, and there was absolutely no way that I could hand in the cards to my teacher. For this reason, none of the teachers got any easter cards, because of the pandemic, and even if my art teacher had a few easter cards, she couldn't give them to anyone, as everybody is staying at home, trying to stop the spread of the virus. I thought that maybe I could give them to my family members, but still, I couldn't meet up with them either, everyone is self-isolating. I was a bit unhappy that I had to wait a year to either hand them over to my teacher, or give them to my family members.
But, I thought of an idea. ◕‿◕
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I wanted to get a 6 (A) now, as I have two 4s (Cs). I want my average of my grades to be a 6, considering that this is the last year that my class has art, and whatever average grade you receive this year, it will go on the average at your very last year at primary school. I didn't want a 5 (B) grade, especially because art is one of my favorite subjects! I had my art teacher's email account (because one time, we had to send her proof that we did our homework), which was ideal for what I planned. Firstly, I took a photo of all the 24 cards. Next, I wrote "Hello, I am sending 24 cards that I have made but couldn't bring to school because schools have been closed". After that, I pressed send. On the next day I checked if my teacher replied. She replied with “Well done, you get 4 6s". I was quite happy. The moral of this is that sometimes, it is good to be stubborn, because a stubborn person always accomplishes their goal!

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