Happy Śmigus-dyngus! 💦

Today it's Dyngus Day! Some people might not really understand what I am saying, but my fellow Polish folks will. Śmigus-dyngus is a celebration held on Easter monday mostly in Poland, but also in other countries too, like in Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia. This festival is also called lany poniedziałek in Poland, which basically translated into the English language is "Wet Monday".

What do you do on this day? As the name hints, on this day, people have water fights with each other! Poland's National Water Fight Day is a very old but fun tradition where you splash water on each other as it symbolises the spring cleansing of dirtdiseases, awakening of nature to life and of the land's ability to restore.

Patrycja Wanat, water gif, Water, wet, kermit the frog, Śmigus-dyngus, Lany poniedziałek, śmigus dyngus gif, gif lany poniedziałekMy dad pranked me today by bringing "Tea into my room". He knocked on the door and said "I brought you some green tea, open the door!" and I did. I opened the door, but before that I said "But I already have tea!". I got fooled! He splashed a cup of water on my face and my shirt - I was so wet. All the floor was wet and I had to wipe the floor dry, but thankfully my dad helped me. Later I got revenge on him! I went to the bathroom, got my hands wet and went to my dad and splashed onto my dad's and mum's face. But I was kinder than him, I only did it with my hands, he splashed a whole cup on me! We were both laughing. A few minutes later my mum came into my room and tried to scare me that she has water, but I didn't get fooled. Thankfully, she didn't have water.

It's good to think about something else than the pandemic right now. We have to cheer ourselves up and try to stay as optimistic as possible, because pesimism leads us to be unenergetic, and it will steal our sense of hope and faith that things will stop soon. If you want to know about the advantages of COVID-19, check out my article  and read the second paragraph, where I talk about the beneficial changes of the coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, my mum is calling my grandparents and wishing them a happy Śmigus-dyngus dzień (day) - remember to call your fam and check how they are doing and feeling! ✨