How did I come up with the idea for the story "The Green Dot"?

    To practice my creative writing skills, my English tutor gave me an exercise to do which was to create a short story on a topic of my choice. At first, I found it quite hard to think of a topic. But then some ideas started to gather in my head. The dilemma was how to make all those ideas fit into one story, or how to choose only one idea. So, I came up with a conclusion to brainstorm my ideas onto a separate page.

   After I ran out of ideas, I looked back at the page and read it. Although I had a huge list of ideas on a piece of paper, one of them stood out to me that I was unquestionably attracted to. This specific idea then linked to a second idea, and then attached to the next idea, and so on. I started to become very amazed that suddenly, my story was connecting altogether with all of these various ideas! I started to become remarkably enthusiastic about the story and its prospect. I thought about how the main character of my story would act, what different challenges it could face, and how it would respond to the tests. I thought about what fear would the character have, what would it do about it. I wanted the reader to follow them on their journey and read on to find out if they acheive the character's goal.
   To accompany my ideas, I read Joseph Campbell's practical guide to The Hero With A Thousand Faces, which includes 12 stages of the hero of the story. If you don't know how to get started with writing a story, I recommend to you to read this guide. It will help you with getting started to writing a story, and also this guide shares detailed ideas that are a splendid set of analytical tools. 

The number of the devil, Devil's number
Readers of my story "The Green Dot" will understand this photo ;) If you want to understand the meaning behind this photo, check out my story!
      The first detail I needed to have in my story was a character. I had to develop what will the characteristics of the main character going to be. What does the character look like? What is its personality like? What will the title of this story be? Where is the story going to be set at? Who will lead the main character on its journey? After I figured out the answers to these questions, I swiftly started to begin writing the story "The Green Dot". I would love to share with you the ideas that made this story come to life, but I don't want to spoil the story for you all! 

Quick summary: I changed my ideas a bit, mixed them altogether, and that's how I got the idea of the story.