My blog writing progress in 2 weeks

Day 3: Improving my blog while eating pizza!
I have decided that I want to keep track of my blog's progress.  Each day I will update this post and write what I have done to improve my blog, e.g. any courses I took, any updates to my blog's theme, any new printables, any blog writing advice I have watched/read, e.t.c. Because of that, you can learn about any courses I signed up for/took/I'm taking that you can take to learn about how to improve your blog, and/or find out any cool websites/apps that you can use! ✨

Day 1:

I have bought a domain name! I'm very happy that the exact domain name that I wanted to have was available.

Day 2:

I have added a logo! I now have a logo that matches with the theme color of my blog - turquoise.

Day 3:

I have changed the theme! It is now not turquoise, but it still matches with my logo :). This theme is a lot prettier than the one I used to have.

TikTokDay 4:

I have made Pati-cool printables! I will be updating that post with more printables coming soon. At the moment I have made Pati-cool card printables.

Day 5:

I made 5 different Pati-cool bookmarks! Go check them out here.

Day 6:

I made a separate Gmail account for my blog, and I also have created a contact form page here.

Day 7:

I made a YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram account for my blog! Drop by them here.
Scan the TikTok code on the right to follow me. ->

Day 8:

I signed up for Google Analytics and for their Analytics Course. I want to learn the fundamentals of using Google Analytics to track the performance of my website. I'm currently taking a Pre-course survey.

Day 9:

I have uploaded 3 new TikToks onto my blog's TikTok account! I have also signed up for Shannon Mattern's Website Traffic Mini-Course.

Day 10:

I have made a separate Pinterest account for my blog! I also signed up for Tript Johal's 5 Day Pinterest Challenge, in which every day for 5 days they'll send me actionable tasks that will result in transforming my Pinterest! I have had Pinterest for many years now, but now I have created a different account for my blog. ->

Day 11:

Before signing into another course that I'm currently thinking about signing, I have decided that I first want to complete the first courses that I have signed up for. I am currently in the first part of the Google Analytics Course. ->

Day 12:

In the Google Analytics Course, each separate part has separate lessons, and I'm currently on the 3rd lesson of the first part. I have
also tried signing in into Buzzing Creative's Free Instagram Course, but every time I sign in, I don't get any notification at all in my Gmail, so I won't be doing that course because I can't.
I have published my first poem on this blog ever!  I am thinking about publishing more poems in the future :)

Day 13:

Today, I decided to watch a few YouTube videos about blogging.

Here are the 10 links to the YouTube videos on having a successful blog I watched, and I recommend that you should, too!:

Day 14:

I have submitted my blog post to an international contest for kids! But despite not winning the contest, I got an honorable mention :D
Here's a photo of their newsletter this week:

Click here to view my article which was published by the contest organizers! <3