My thoughts on school uniform

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Eh, school uniform, who needs it? You see, where I live (in Poland), it's not mandatory to wear school uniform, unless you go to a specific private school, that tells you to wear it. But wear I lived in the U.K, every single student is obliged to wear a school uniform to school. Some schools require pupils to wear a particular school coat as well, but some, like mine in N.I, don't. My school did sell coats with the school's logo on them, but it was optional for you to buy them or not. Some schools require each student to wear a certain accesory, like a tie or brooch. My school in Northern Ireland required us to wear a tie to characteristic occasions, e.g. on every school assembly when the choir members sang, they had to wear a tie, (I was in the choir, and that's the reason why I'm wearing a tie on the picture above) or when Primary 7 pupils have their confirmation, they all have to wear a tie as well.

Every school which necessitates pupils to wear a uniform, has a different and unique one from all other schools, on account of the logo. I personally find that quite cool.
Some school uniforms may have similar colors to other ones, but because of the logo - they are different. You can see on the picture above I don't have a logo on my shirt. That's because my school didn't require us to have one, as every school in my area had different colored clothing, so it was easily recognised which school you went to.

So, to help you also make an opinion whether schools should have uniforms or not, I want to firstly discuss the advantages of school uniform. I have made a collage of 30 Pros and 30 Cons below! Now it's up to you to decide what side you are on! :)