St. Patrick's Day presentation

I am a little bit late to post this, because St. Patrick's Day was on the 17th of March, but I just really wanted to share this presentation that I have made a couple of weeks ago! Whenever St. Patrick's Day was coming up, my english teacher at school assigned me to do a presentation about this day because where I used to live, in Northern Ireland, St. Patrick's Day was a very special celebration, because this is known to be the day of the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Even though Northern Ireland belongs to the U.K and doesn't belong to Ireland anymore, a lot of Irish people still live there and have brought this Irish celebration to Northern Ireland. St. Patrick's Day is special to me as it always reminds me of the place were I was born, and of all the great St. Paddy's Days I have spent there.

 Click on this photo below to see the presentation!


  1. There is no access to the google docs file. Need to give read access