The Green Dot - part 1

Rhiana is a typical 13 year old red haired girl with glasses. She is concerned with all of the things that a normal teenage girl is concerned about, like her grades, keeping her mother happy, her looks and looking after her guinea pig. She is an introverted girl with many online acquaintances but none that would be considered close friends. She enjoys playing online role-playing games and coding, anything that will help her escape from the trivialities of everyday life. She lives with her mother and a very annoying little sister, Emma-Rose, but everyone just calls her Emma, who is always borrowing clothes, playing loud music, stealing her phone and getting up to mischief. Their mother has multiple jobs, earning money to provide for them, she works very hard. She is not home often and when she is home, she is frequently very tired. They live in a small apartment, next to the train line in the centre of the city which is often loud so it makes it difficult for Rhiana and her sister to study. Because of that, Rhiana likes to study in the library, which is always quiet and calm.

One day when Rhiana was writing in her math notebook, she was thinking of a solution to a math problem while playing with her lid of a pen. She accidentally dropped the pen, so she bent down underneath the desk to pick it up. While doing that, she bumped her head and noticed something strange. She found a secret message carved at the bottom of the desk. There were 6 numbers - “225441”. Rhiana did not know what the secret message meant. She thought that maybe the carver of the numbers was just messing around, purposely wanting people to think that they have some kind of secret message behind them, when actually, they didn’t. But little did Rhiana know, she was wrong...

On the next day Rhiana was doing a math equation, and she had to add the numbers 441 and 225 together. She realized that they were the numbers that she saw yesterday carved onto the desk. But she thought that it was just a coincidence and brushed it off. After adding the numbers, her result was 666. She was confused for a minute, because 666 in numerology is Satan's number, but she didn’t care. 

A few days later when she was walking home from school, she noticed the exact same numbers graffitied onto the wall. She stood there for a moment in astonishment. It could have been a prank, right? - she thought. But who would go so far with a prank by graffitiing something to a wall. But she ignored it. And then later that day, while she was playing her favorite game, she received a total of 225441 points. She had enough. She has been seeing those numbers literally everywhere. With her mother still at work, she went to her sister and asked her if she had ever seen the numbers 225441. Her sister laughed hysterically at Rhiana, thinking that she was messing with her. But she wasn’t. She then asked again, with an even more serious face. Emma paused for a moment and said, “no” with an confused, straight face.

To be continued...