8 reasons why you should visit Poland

At this time of COVID-19, we don't have the permission to travel somewhere at the moment. But... what we do have is a lot of time to plan our next trips and holidays, right? This article will talk about why for your next holiday, you should pick Poland. If you are reading this and you are from Poland, you still can read this, because then whenever somebody asks you (whose from a different country) "Should I visit Poland?", you will answer with a lot of good reasons of why they should! You can also find out some places that you can visit in Poland that you haven't been to! 馃彏

1. Poland has many, many beautiful countryside landscapes, some of them which are:

Bieszczady Mountains
The Landscape of Bieszczady Mountains

Morskie Oko
morskie oko lake

Bia艂owie偶a National Park

Bialowieza National Park of Poland

Stunned? There's a lot more, I'll add just a few more!
Ksi臋偶a G贸ra, Karpacz, Reasons why you should visit Poland
Ojcowski National Park
Ojcowski National ParkBeskid Wyspowy
Mogielica in Beskid Wyspowy

Kasprowy Wierch

Kasprowy Wierch mountain peak

2. Poland has also many, many stunning city landscapes, including:




Warsaw, Poland, Warszawa, Polska, Patrycja Wanat, Polish places to visit, Palace of Culture and Science


sky, bridge, twilight, outdoor, water, Toru艅



And many other cities!

3. Poland is very, very rich in history and culture, with 16 UNESCO Heritage sites, such as:

Old City of Zamo艣膰

Old City of Zamo艣膰, Poland, nature

Muskauer Park

Muskauer Park, Park Mu偶akowski, 艁臋knica, Zabytek

Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle, Gdansk, Poland

4. Poland is most certainly known for its variety of food, some of which include:

Borscht (a.k.a beetroot soup)
Barszcz czerwony, Borscht, beetrout soup, soup, Polish soup, dumplings

 Recommend 100%.
Homemade Pierogi, Pierogi, dumplings
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West Slavic fermented cereal soup (a.k.a 偶urek) - read "g (as in - mirage) ooreck"
Also known as white borscht (barszcz bia艂y)
West Slavic fermented cereal soup
Polish pork cutlet (a.k.a kotlet)
It's delicous!
Idealne kotlety schabowe: kruche i soczyste. Prosty spos贸b na ...

Ros贸艂 (read - ro-soow)
This is assuredly my favorite soup.
Idealny ros贸艂 z kury: sprawdzony przepis! [QUIZ] - Beszamel.se.pl

5. You will definitely enjoy Poles hospitality.

Polish people love having guests over! If you ever visit a Polish home, you will be treated as if you were a family member right away. :)

6. If you are looking for a trip that is affordable, Poland is a fairly cheap European destination.

Gda艅sk, Gdansk, Poland, Beautiful View

7.  Poland is known for its beautiful Autumn

If Autumn is your favorite season of the year, you have to visit Poland in Autumn!  Golden Polish Autumn colors are purely glamorous! There is truly nothing like Autumn in Poland. I never saw as vivid colors of Autumn in Northern Ireland as I did in Poland. It is doubtlessly an amazing experience that everyone should have - going on a walk into the forest in a gaudy Autumn in Poland. 

Bieszczady Mountains

Bieszczady Mountains

Arkadia Park
Autumn Trees over a Pond in Arkadia Park in Poland

Tatra Mountains

Tatra Mountains, Poland in Golden Autumn


Tuchola, Poland

8. And last but not least - Poland is rich in folk traditions.

We Poles keep traditions, and we are always proud of our heritage! When you will visit Poland, try out some of folk traditions, for example, 艢migus Dyngus. Click here to check out my article about this old Polish tradition.

Polish Folk traditions