Cheap and easy DIY homemade Easter decoration with step by step instructions

As it was Easter, I decided to do a fun DIY project which I could use as an Easter decoration. It is a easy, cheap and creative DIY craft that I enjoyed doing. I know it isn't Easter anymore, but you can still use it as a awesome spring decoration. 🐑 Have fun! 🌻
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Materials that you'll need:

  • Colorful buttons
  • Wooden plaque shaped like a sheep
  • Wooden sign shaped like a sheep's head
  • 2 googly eyes

Crafting supplies you need:

  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Black marker


1. Use your glue gun to glue on the buttons onto the wooden plaque one by one.

2. Make sure you don't glue any buttons on the outlined head, ears, legs and tail.

3. After glueing all the buttons onto the body of the sheep, put some glue on the wooden head and stick it to the body firmly.

4. Using a black marker draw on the head the eyes, nose and mouth of the sheep.

5. Put glue at the back of the pair of the googly eyes and stick them onto the sheep.

6. Draw the sheep's hoofs and color them in with the black marker.

7. Voila! You have now finished making a beautiful sheep!👏 But... that sheep will feel pretty lonely without a friend, right? Go make another one! 👍

What are you waiting for? ✨ Get to work ;)