The Green Dot - part 3

Emma, still being half asleep, couldn't easily make any sense out of what was going on. Why did Rhiana slam the door like that?- she thought. After a few minutes of trying to figure out what just happened, she dozed off. Rhiana though, did the literal opposite. She didn't sleep all night. Not as a result of the whole situation that just had happened, but she just could not. She struggled and struggled, but she never could fall asleep. She attempted multiple times, and still, didn't. It was odd. She was concerned because if she didn't sleep all night, how would she wake up in the morning? She even considered lying that she is sick, so she wouldn't have to go to school. But then again, she never lies to her mum.

Soon after she assumed that maybe this one lie wouldn't do her any harm, and that if her mum had yelled at her for the first time, then maybe she can lie for the first time. She heard an unusual voice that was captured in the innocence of her heart, trying to escape. However, something didn't allow that voice that motivated her to lie to break free. That something was a weird sensation. A strange feeling which she had never felt before. A feeling that predicted she would later feel regret. That feeling was mysterious to her, and felt something similar to shame, but different. It was the most unusual thing she has ever experienced in her life. Apart from the haunting of the numbers 441225 and 666. After she experienced the weird feeling for many minutes, she dozed off.

On the next day Emma and Rhiana were woken up by their alarm clock, sitting on their desk. But not at the time they expected. They were confused because usually, when the alarm clock rang, they would be fully awake and dynamic at that time because they always wake up at 8, so it is nothing unusual to them. But today, they felt tired. They didn't want to wake up. Rhiana and Emma both thought that it's because they had a stressful situation yesterday, and stress causes the body to feel tired. Rhiana decided to turn it off, and while doing that, she realized the most insane thing. The minute hand was on 1, and the hour hand was on 6. Rhiana rushed to find her phone to check the time. She checked, and her phone showed her the time 6:06. “What on Earth is going on? This is bizarre!” she thought. She immediately told her sister, with an utterly shocked voice. Emma didn't know how to respond to what she had just heard. They stared at each other with fear. They chose not to talk about this for the rest of the day.


  1. Why does this stop when it is abut to get interesting?