The Green Dot - part 4

On the next day, Rhiana had enough, and concluded that at supper time, she was going to talk to her mum about it. Who could blame her, though. She has had a rough day yesterday, analyzing the what occurred at 6:06. She needed a day to collect her thoughts, and now she was finally ready to talk about it. 

As always, the sisters' mum called them for supper, and they would sit down and eat in peace, while discussing different subjects. But this time, it was different. The most common subjects were school, their mum's work, shops, food and other stuff. To no surprisement, Emma asked, “How was work, mum?”. It was great," she replied, with no enthusiasm. Mum...there is something that me and Emma have to tell you,". Emma looked at her sister with worry. She didn't want her sister to tell their mother what happened to them as she didn't want her mum to feel overwhelmed and to shout at them again. She remembered the rule her mum invented which clearly said that they cannot talk about anything to do with "666" and "44522". 

"What is it, sweetie?” their mum asked. "Well, I know we weren't suppose to mention anything that was to do with "666", but this is an exception. Me and Emma woke up WAY earlier than usually. We woke up at 6:06, because the alarm clock rang at that time! Me and Emma were so irritated, puzzled and afraid. Please don't be mad at us, we can't just hold it in and pretend it didn't happen, when it did. It did and it made me and Emma frightened, anxious and worried. We had to explain to you what happened, mum, even if we know and you know that you can't help us. We know you feel confused as well, and we understand that you just don't want to face your problems, when you should. You shouldn't just run away from them, by avoiding them and not tolerating us talking about them. We had to tell you.” 

Their mum was shocked. She never saw her daughter support an argument so well. What was funny was that even Rhiana was shocked that she was actually capable of saying so many fantastic arguments to her mum! She never protested to her. Both of the sisters always went by the motto "What mum says is always sacred, no matter what" which basically means that whatever their mum said had to always be respected and obeyed by them. After a moment of disbelief in everyone, Rihana continued,"Now that I finally got it off me and Emma's chest, what do you think we can do about it?" Their mum didn't reply for about a minute. Two minutes went by, still, no reply. Emma had enough,"Mum, please reply to us! Say something! Anything!" Their mum said nothing. Nothing at all. Absolutely nothing. She just stared at her daughters, with no emotion. { "kind": "blogger#page_views", "blogId": long, "counts": [ { "timeRange": string, "count": long } ] }