The Forgotten Schoolbag - my BBC Northern Ireland "Two Minute Tales" competition entry!

I remember when you would take me to different places. To your friend's house, to the park, to the swimming center, and most importantly — to your school. But currently, you just shoved me into your wardrobe and I'm just sitting there in darkness, surrounded by spider webs. I feel very lonely. I miss Paige the Pencil Case, Bob the Water Bottle and Lucy the Lunch box. Do you know what it feels like? Put yourself in my shoes. You firstly take out all my friends, put me into the washing machine, let me dry and shove me into the wardrobe, without even giving me my friends back. I live, laugh, long for them. The school season isn't over yet! Why would you do that? I've been counting the days until the summer holidays begin, and they definitely haven't started yet. I don't understand.

From resting in this gloom, my boredom caused me to come up with a variety of conclusions of why you would stop using me. Did you ditch me for another that's prettier or more exciting? But all your friends always said that I was gorgeous, sorry for eavesdropping. Did you get grounded for two months to not leave the house? Did you drop out of school? Are you really sick and have stopped going to school anymore? Did people change the summer holidays to begin in spring? Did you start home school because school was doing your head in? But why, you love school!

I miss our time travelling, adventuring and exploring together. I love being by your side at your back. I hope you didn't purchase a new school bag.

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