Creative and Fun DIY Easter Project Using Pom Poms

As it was Easter, I decided to do 2 fun DIY projects, which I could use as Easter decorations. They are an easy, cheap and cool DIY craft that I really enjoyed doing. I know that it isn't Easter anymore (sadly), but you can still use these crafts as cute spring decorations. This one is about making a sheep decorated with pom poms, but check out my other DIY step by step spring project by clicking here! Have lots of fun! DIY project, DIY Spring project, DIY Spring crafts ideas,DIY Easter decoration, do it yourself arts and crafts, diy crafts, diy ideas, DIY, Homemade Spring decoration, DIY ideas to do by yourself, Easter decoration using Pom Poms, sheep pom pom DIY project
Materials that you'll need:

  • Big white pom-poms
  • Pair of googly eyes
  • Wooden plaque shaped like a sheep
  • Wooden sign shaped like a sheep's head
Crafting supplies you'll need:

  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Black marker

1. Use your glue gun to glue on the big white pom poms onto the wooden plaque one by one.

2. Make sure you don't glue any pom poms on the outlined head, ears, legs and tail.

3. After glueing all the pom poms onto the body of the sheep, put some glue onto the wooden head and stick it to the body firmly.

4. Using a black marker, draw on the head, the eyes, nose and mouth of the sheep.

5. Put some glue at the back of the pair of the googly eyes and stick them onto the sheep.

6. Lastly, draw the sheep's hooves and color them in with the black marker.

7. Voila! You have now finished making a beautiful, fluffy sheep!๐Ÿ‘ But... that sheep will feel pretty lonely without a friend, right? Go make another one, but this time, using colorful buttons! ๐Ÿ‘

What are you waiting for? ✨ Get to work, that sheep definitely needs a best friend. ;)