The Green Dot - part 5

Let me properly introduce you to their mum, Jazmin. A tall, red-haired woman, who is the most confident person in their city. When she was 25, she married a light-hued brunette guy, who was the most confident person in the city. See what I did there? Yes, Jazmin wasn't always this self-assured. She was actually the least bold person in their town. Why has that guy all of a sudden stopped being so certain about everything? Who knows, maybe he is still this certain of all things to this day, but in a different city. In a disparate country. In a dissimilar continent. Jazmin believes that he moved to Africa, as he always told her that he constantly fantasizes about living there one day, in a large mansion with a swimming pool and a cinema room. 

But enough about him. Jazmin had immensely a lot of insecurities about herself, and never raised the standards for herself too high. She never looked for a good guy, because she thought she didn't deserve one. Jazmin was the type of person, who always underestimated herself and her abilities, talents and wisdom. That's who Jazmin was, but at a particular point in her life, she changed. 

When she was nearly 27, little Rhiana came to the world. Jazmin distinctively remembers, how all of her problems went away as soon as she saw Rhiana's first smile. It was one of Jazimin's most magnificent moments in her entire life. But, this isn't the moment that changed her from her insecure self, to a confident woman. It was whenever Lucas told her that he is breaking up with her. Jazmin was so confused, and didn't understand a word he was saying, while she was wiping of her happy tears. He left. On the next day, he still didn't come home. After a week, still no sign of him. After a month, she knew he wasn't lying when he said he was leaving. Jazmin then brought a stop to her insecurities, and knew she wasn't worthy of him. She changed to be a confident and independent woman. 

After 3 years whenever everything was stabilized, the divorce papers signed and Jazmin bought a nice apartment, she decided that she wants to adopt a baby. So, she did. Baby Emma, a few days after she was born, was warmly welcomed to Jazmin and Rhiana's home. Rhiana absolutely adored Emma, when she was little. Whenever Emma started to get older, Rhiana noticed slight changes in her behavior. Little changes, but still, changes. Of course, they weren't bad, at the moment. They became worse later.

Those changes did not impact Rhiana in any way at all, they just puzzled her, and made her feel befuddled at times, but that is it. Those changes at the beginning in Emma's behavior were, for instance, Emma would question her mum to why Rhiana got a tiny bit more of tea than she did. Her mum kept on telling her on and on that it did not matter, and that she just simply pours water into the cups, without considering who got more or who got less. Jazmin thought it was just a matter of jealousy, as it was, but to Rhiana, it didn't feel quite right. Yes, you can be jealous when your sibling receives more presents than you do, but not tea! Jazmin always tried her very, very best to be equal in everything, so the girls didn't squabble on who is getting more attention, more of something and basically - more of everything. That's why Emma couldn't always blame her mum for giving Rhiana more of something, as they were always receiving an equal amount of attention, presents, e.t.c. So, Emma blamed her mum for the stupidest things, like when she shares a chocolate bar, that she is not sharing it equally, even though it was rather evenly split.

When Rhiana turned 9, Emma, who was 6, started to get jealous when their mum spent more time with Rhiana, for example, on homework, because Rhiana's homework was undoubtedly much tougher than Emma's was, or on cleaning, because Rhiana had more chores than Emma did because she was older, which meant Rhiana had to devote more time with their mum as they decluttered together. It was confusing to Rhiana that Emma was even jealous for the reason that their mum spent more time on cleaning with Rhiana than doing other stuff with Emma. Her mum had to have a talk with her. She told her how much chores are important, and that if she wants to spend more time with her, then she can clean with her and Rhiana. Emma replied with a "no", and from that moment on, she never complained about her mum not spending enough time with her.