BLOGMAS WEEK 1 - H&M haul, FREE Christmas Wishlist Printable, what I want for Xmas, Santa Claus's Day in Poland & more!

 HIIII Y'ALL! This year it's going to be my first Christmas with a blog, so it was a no brainer for me to take part in Blogmas! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

For those who don't know what blogmas is, it's basically the words blog + Christmas together. It means that bloggers who take part in this post Christmas related posts up until Christmas! It's like a countdown to Christmas, but for bloggers and their readers!πŸŽ„

It's just like vlogmas (video (+ blog) +  Christmas), but for bloggers. I actually just recently found out that something like blogmas existed haha! I love the idea of posting Christmas themed posts everyday up until Xmas, but I don't have enough time to post everyday...

So instead of posting everyday, I will be posting each week! This week it's the first week of Blogmas!

Santa Claus's day

As some of you already know, it was Santa Claus's day in Poland about a week ago - on the 6th of December, as it's a tradition in some countries, one of them being Poland, that on this day, kids get presents from Santa (yes, kids only!!). 

We all know how on Christmas Day everyone gets presents, we sing carols, spend time with family and more, so we don't give kids all the attention. Whereas in Poland, it's different, Polish kids get their own day to receive presents, but here's the thing - on the 25th we get presents too! 😎

Yes, we get DOUBLE presents! Amazing, right? What's cool is the fact that we have our own Christmas Day, just for kids, and I love this day! I mean, every Polish kid loves it!

Anyways, because of this holiday, before-yesterday, I went shopping with my parents, and I got new clothes, a calendar/notebook, a new chair and a new coat as presents for me because of this occasion. 

I want to share a mini haul of the clothes I got, even though they are not Christmas themed clothes haha, because they were bought as a gift to me because of Santa's Claus's day, which is Christmas related! I also want to share this haul as I have never done a haul on my blog, and I'm a fashion blogger hahaπŸ˜‚ Some of you wanted me to do a haul, so you asked and I deliver😌


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The shopping mall we went to is in Bielsko Biala - Sarnistok - and oh how much I love that mall! It's one of my favourite shopping malls.  

My absolute favourite shop there is H&M. Most of the clothes I got I bought from there, so I've decided to share them:

This is a navy blue sweater with red and white stripes which matches PERFECTLY with my glasses. It is basic, but cute.

I just had to buy this cropped sweater as it is so soft in touch and I love the pastel pink colour!

This top is sooo gorgeous! I really love ribbed tops, so of course I bought this one! I like the floral design too!

I also got high waisted, ribbed and flare leggings which I paired in this outfit with that floral top and I LOVE this outfit! 

A little pic of me I took in some random shop with my new coat from H&M to send to my cousin hahaπŸ₯°

I LOVE (how many times have I used this word?!) this sweater so much, it matches anything and it looks so stunning. 😍

Of course another ribbed floral top! πŸ˜‚πŸ€©

Ah, how much I wish I could be a H&M brand ambassador after posting this πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚


The views in the last few days in Poland have been INSANELY pretty, here are some photos of it.

I definitely don't feel Christmas vibes from the weather...

The photo above was taken by @krydzon2007 , and it's unedited!

She took this photo too! The sky was so pretty, how can the sky be like this in December?! I'm happy, though, as it's beautiful!

This sky was so magnificent. The colours - blue of course, red, orange, yellow, violet and even pink!


I really, really, really want for Christmas:

  • A printer

I need a printer so much! I print many things, photos, for school, my blog, productivity stuff and also my templates I make for myself. The thing is though, it's all black and white, it's my parents and they use it pretty often, and sometimes it doesn't work as my parents have had it for ages, but with my new printer, I will be able to print higher quality coloured stuff, whenever I want to!

  • A microphone
Something like this one {photos from Pinterest, "her creative studio" on Etsy}
  • A chair

Such a weird thing to wish to have, but I reaaaaally want the ones that you can adjust the height in them!! I've also painted my room in a new colour, darkish grey, and I want a chair that actually matches the colour!

  • Fuzzy socks

Who doesn't want fuzzy socks?!

  • Tombow Calligraphy pens

For those who don't know, I love writing in calligraphy, and of course no surprise that after 2 years most of my pens aren't working, so I'd love new black/beige shades of calligraphy pens from Tombow! I love their pens!

  • COVID to go away.....

FREE Christmas Wishlist template

I made a FREE Christmas Wishlist template for you all to use when writing down the things you want to get for Christmas! And I just had to use Mariah Carey's iconic line from y'all know what song. I made 4, 2 samples, one to print out and one you can use to just type it in by using any app where you can add text to photos. 

SAMPLE green version: 

The freebie for typing it in:

SAMPLE version for printing the wish list out and writing the wishes in:


Anddd that is all I have for this week's blogmas! I hope you all enjoyed this week's post! Happy Christmas Season! :)