10 journal prompts to reflect on 2020 to close out that year + my short answers to these prompts

It's time to reflect on 2020 and what good it has brought you. These journal prompts will help you capture your thoughts, save your memories and good times, and close out that year. 

To me, January is a month of reflection, planning, organising, thinking and dreaming, so I've created a list of 10 journal prompts to help you reflect on 2020, and to help you plan 2021. 

The journal prompts I have listed below can be used each year, but 2020 was a very different year than the rest, so some questions will definitely be personalised just for that year. 

I have also included little explanations to the prompts + my summarised answers to the prompts as examples.  

1. In 2020, I...

With this prompt you have to finish the sentence which will help you become more aware of what you did in 2020. 

This can be both a positive and negative answer, like,"In 2020, I started a blog,". You can write about your thoughts and feelings on this positive thing. "In 2020, I got COVID,". You can write about how you felt when this negative thing happened.

This sentence can have many answers, like "In 2020, I started a podcast. In 2020, I wrote the most I did in my whole life. In 2020, I met my now best friends. In 2020, I got great grades,". 

2. What am I most proud of from 2020? 

This will help you look back and feel proud of something that you did in 2020, like "starting a blog is the thing I'm most proud of from 2020."

3.  What were my highlights and accomplishments from 2020?

Get creative and go get does highlighters or pens and start writing! List your accomplishments and highlights whether with bullet points, numbers, or however you want to! This is a page where you will look back on often throughout the year to push yourself and motivate yourself.

4.  What were my most experienced feelings in 2020?

For example, sad about things going on in the world, happy because I met my best friends, motivated because of my blog, and confident - 2020 definitely made me feel more confident. More about that in a blogpost coming next week!

5.  What did I learn in 2020?

That prompt will help prevent you from making the same mistakes you made in 2020, and it will also remind you of valuable lessons you've learnt. Here you can list out some quotes you discovered in 2020, quotes from movies you watched, mistakes you saw others make, like on the news, social media, etc. 

Here it's a space to gather all those important things you learnt in 2020. "I learnt that difficult times reveal the truth, the truth about who you are, what are your actual interests, and it shows which people are your real friends, who you can count own the most anytime, and who you can count on the least."

6. Who made a difference in my life in 2020 & why?

This is a very personal question. Here you can mention someone from your family, friends, your idols, people who you took a lot of inspiration from, people who made you think differently, who made you look at different perspectives, people who changed your opinion/s, anyone who made a difference in your life in absolutely any way. Write down any people who impacted your life in 2020, and in what way did they do that.

7. List all the moments of pure joy I experienced in 2020:

Jot down fun, big or small moments you want to cherish and remember forever. 

Some of mine as examples:
  • The time a cashier told me and my mum that we have the same eyes and that's why she knew that we were shopping together
  • When me and my best friends put a printed photo of us edited *I'm laughing as I'm writing this* into sunflowers on the whiteboard, and we couldn't take it off before the teacher came into the classroom, and even he laughed a little at it and din't tell us off 
  • The moment I read a lovely message in my dms from a total stranger, a polish teen saying how much she loves my blog and my productivity tips even though she doesn't understand all of it because it's in English
These small moments I want to remember forever!

8. How did I change in 2020?

How in 2020 did you become a better person? How did you change? 

In 2020 I changed into a more confident person than I used to be. I used to be a shy person, only talkative and a big chatterbox once I got to know someone. But I changed because of many people, moments and knowledge.

I invested energy into blogging, writing and studying which helped me become confident in certain areas, which then helped me become more confident overall. I went by the motto "risk it for a biscuit" and stepped out of my comfort zone many times. I confronted people, I worked hard at the areas I cared about, and most importantly - I became honest with myself.

9. What about 2020 am I most grateful for?

Here jot down what things are you thankful for, small things like for specific songs you discovered in 2020, or big things like surviving COVID-19, family, and friends.

I'm grateful for all of the above that I mentioned as examples, and also for health care workers, the kindness of strangers, laughter and for all the happy moments of 2020.

10. What are you leaving in 2020?

I'm leaving:

1. Overthinking
2. Toxic people
3. Fake friends

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What are some of your favourite moments of 2020? let's chat in the comments! :)

Patrycja Wanat