a little change happening to my blog...

 hi everyone!!🤍 It think it's time for a little change with my blog, it's a small one, many of you if you hadn't read this blogpost, wouldn't even notice...

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I have been thinking about this for a while now,  but I wanted to wait until after the new year to do it and tell you guys!

My blog's niches were:




Here's the thing - I have only two articles related to fashion! Two! Does that classify me as a fashion blogger, or just a lifestyle blogger?...

But how many articles/instagram posts/stories do I have about journaling/planning? A lot!! 

I know that many of you probably don't follow my blog for the fashion content, as the fashion content on this blog is minimal...so... I've changed my niches!!

My new niche is...journaling!!

The "fashion content" will still be posted! I have a few fashion articles planned, but they will be categorised to "lifestyle", as they are more lifestyle related. 

I will also continue to tag where my outfits are from in my instagram posts, and I will still be posting occasionally my outfits of the day on my instagram's stories! <3

I love fashion too, but, my fashion content was always lifestyle related, for example my post about school uniforms, or about what my friends think of the current fashion trends, etc. It was all lifestyle and personal, I never shared any tips or advice or ideas about fashion!

I didn't want to categorise myself to fashion anymore, as my blog isn't really about that being honest!

New year, new niche! I'm really happy to have finally told everyone about this new little change :)

So this blogpost is making it official -  I'm a lifestyle, productivity and journal blogger! Ahhh!!

I'm very excited and looking forward to all of the upcoming blogposts on my blog that are journal-related, I've got so many ideas and so many content already prepared! 

So welcome to a new chapter of my blog - can't wait to share all of this new journaling content with you guys! <3


  1. Ooh can't wait to see more from the new Journalling Niche!!