A week of content - a round up of me posting every day this week - thank you for 800 followers on my instagram!!

Week of content

 heyyyy! hope you guys had a lovely week!

Thank you so much for 800 on my instagram! I never really thank you all for the support on my instagram here because I did it on my instagram, but I think I should say thank you on here this time as without my blog, that instagram account wouldn't be a thing.

 I must say this blogpost is pretty different than all of my other ones! In honour of 800 of you, I did a week of content this week!

 Even if I have posted a lot of content sometime ago, I never did it knowingly! But, this week, I decided to post content every single day

This roundup will also help you catch up on any of the content this week you missed and would like to check out! =)

This roundup is also special because a lot of firsts happened! To me, I think this year started off so well!

The content included are:

  •  instagram posts, 
  • collaborations,
  • blogposts, 
  • podcast interviews, 
  • & even tiktoks haha
It was so much fun planning & creating all of this content this week! I hope you all loved it!


On Monday there was a new post on my instagram with some study tips.


New episode on my podcast with the first every guest on the pod!!



My first ever instagram post collab!! This was super fun and it was with @hidenzzzz.


Interviewed Meghan & Zainab for the podcast for upcoming episodes which I'm so excited for! This was also an announcement that Zainab will be doing a voice reveal on my podcast!


New blogpost with a special announcement, click here to read! -> a little change happening to my blog...


New tiktok - my first every fashion related tiktok on my blog's tiktok account! Also a mini-announcement that I will be posting fashion content on my tiktok.


The end of this roundup by making my first hashtag roundup of 2021 <3

Loved this week of content, thank you all so much for 800 on my instagram! =)


  1. Ooh love this post Pati! Sooo excited for the podcast episode!!