My First Year Blogging Timeline From The Earliest Milestones to The Latest Ones + thanking my biggest supporters

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hiiii! 🀍 This year has come to an end! It was a bad year for all of us of course because of the COVID-19 pandemic, police brutality, the Beirut explosion, Australian bushfires, injustice and many other things...
But apart from all of that, many amazing things happened this year to all of us, I'm sure! 

To me, starting a blog was one of them!

In honor of the year that I started my blog ending, I'm writing this blogpost with the different milestones, from small to big, on a timeline, from earliest to latest, that happened with my blog last year! :D

    It's very emotional to me to write this as my blog is a big part of me now, and I'm so happy at how far it has come. Before getting into the timeline, I also want to thank my biggest supporters, for motivating me and pushing me to write the best I can, and to be my best self.

-my mum & dad

Patrycja's mum

Patrycja's dad, Pati's dad

-my blogger friends

-my blog followers
Instagram, pati cool, Patrycja Wanat, teen blogger

First blogpost

Published on April 3rd 2020 (wow, time flies!)

First subscriber

April 22nd - Omg πŸ₯Ί

First honourable mention in a magazine

May 1st on Stone Soup's magazine

First feature in a feature account for creators

14th June on @thecreatorcorner

First collab on my blog

15th July with @_thecozypotatoblog_ 

First collab on my instagram

4th August

First IGTV on an account for creators

14th August

A post shared by THE CREATOR CORNER (@thecreatorcorner)

First blogger friends

First blogger group chat that I joined

First person to use my hashtag


First hashtag roundup

Hashtag users, #paticoolers, pati coolers, pati-cool, hashtag roundups

First brand that I have partnered with , Patrycja Wanat, Pati cool, Brand ambassador, use my code, 20% off

First shop to gift me their products


First podcast episode

November 25th 2020 - "Introducing The Productiviteens Podcast"

First Christmas with my blog

First time my hashtag got featured in a magazine

Blogxplore magazine

First IGTV I made

First free printable

My first blogpost of 2021 - this one! :)

It was an amazing year overall with my blog, podcast and instagram! I'm so grateful for all these milestones, and I'm incredibly thankful for over 780 followers on my instagram! It was a wonderful year, and I can't wait to see what will 2021 bring!

What are you most proud of yourself for in 2020? Let's chat in the comments! (:

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I hope you all will have a fantastic year, and that you will achieve all of your goals for this year! :)

Patrycja Wanat


  1. Aww love this Pati!! Here's to more milestones! Hehe love that the blogger squad got a feature too, I really love our lil group!!

    1. thank you Zainab!! Same hehe, I love our group chat too, that's why I had to mention you guys!! (: