20 things you should start doing right now to improve your lockdown!!

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 heyyy! this week's blogpost is a collab with Ella, her blog & instagram I will link at the end of this blogpost! we both shared on our blogs 10 good habits each! 

make sure to check out her half of the collab - your lockdown will definitely become better after reading both of our blogposts!!

This week is the first week of February - a new month, a fresh start! Because of this, in today's blogpost, me (and Ella!) shared a list of things you should start doing to improve lockdown for you!

They are kind of like good habits, but not all of them are tasks you should do daily!!  =)

I have started some of these, and they definitely have changed & improved lockdown for me!

1. Practice gratitude

Speak some gratitude affirmations in the mornings, as soon as you wake up

This is something I'm trying to implement into my mornings everyday! We all have no idea how privileged we are to have a family, friends & internet during this time in the world.

Many people don't have anyone to talk to and because of lockdown, they are even more lonely. We all can call our friends whenever we feel like it, we all can FaceTime our cousins and family, and we don't feel alone.

I say the internet because if you're reading this article, obviously, you have a computer or phone or iPad, and obviously, you have WiFi. A lot of people don't have this, so this means you're privileged.

During lockdown, I know it can be hard to be grateful for what we have. You may think,"What, am I supposed to be grateful for? A global pandemic? Coronavirus? Millions of deaths? Being stuck in quarantine?," and even though all of these things are awful, we all should try to keep being positive, and to still stay grateful. 

There are so many things I'm ungrateful for, if I'm being honest. Aren't we all, though?... 

But at the same time, there are SO many things that we should be thankful for, like that there is hope as a vaccine for COVID-19 has been developed, and also we should be thankful for all those who volunteered to try out the vaccine, risking their own life.

Even though there are so many things I wish I could change, I've been working on being grateful each morning. I have made a list of some gratitude affirmations I say/try to remember to say, as soon as I wake up:

  • I am thankful for another day
  • I appreciate having an amazing family & best friends
  • I am happy with everything I have to create happiness within
  • I am grateful for my blog & my podcast, and all those who read/listen to it
  • I'm blessed with good health & a loving home
  • I'm proud about who I am & how far I've come
These are the ones I say, you can take some inspiration and make your own ones! I personally think that when your gratitude affirmations are more personal, the more likely they will lead to positive outcomes, for instance, you will look more often at the positive side of things rather than the negative side, which will make you a happier person. This will definitely improve your lockdown, and also - your life!

During lockdown, you should practice gratitude also because it will help you feel less lonely and isolated. 

When we talk about gratitude even to just ourselves, this eventually leads us to being more thankful for everything - whether that be for big things or small things - in life, and being thankful allows us to celebrate the present, and blocks toxic and negative emotions. <3

2. Make time for your hobbies

From my experience, I have found that making some time each day for my hobbies made staying at home all day much better!

I know that we all have probably noticed a pattern in our days, that each day is similar to the one before. We aren't travelling anywhere, we aren't going out as often as we used to (school, shopping, etc), and we all are basically stuck at home.

To make your day more exciting, set some time for each day to spend only on your hobbies and on your interests!

Either find a new hobby, or practice the ones you already have and become better at them! It brings me so much joy when I can see the improvement in some of my hobbies, for example, in drawing, or in dancing!

They also are some of the things I love doing! During lockdown, some of us have forgotten about some of our hobbies, so it's good to embrace them and take them more seriously!

3. Plan, prepare & schedule

It's good to be positive during lockdown, like I've mentioned previously. A positive thing to do is to plan for after lockdown.

For example, make a list of things you want to do after lockdown, or a big list of where you want to go, or who you want to meet, or any list that will have you looking forward, rather than backwards!

We all are continuously talking about what could've happened if COVID-19 just wasn't a thing, like,"oh I would've been in Bora Bora right now if there hadn't been a pandemic," or,"if it wasn't for COVID, Ariana Grande's big 2021 tour wouldn't have been cancelled, and I could have get a chance to go to her concert,".

But, instead of reflecting on the past so often, try to look into the future more instead. Looking at the future will help you to stop thinking about what could have been, and instead, it will have you looking at what could be.

4. Develop a growth mindset

This is something I've heard about and read about loads of times! I'm not sure I've developed a growth mindset 100% yet, but I'm getting there!

According to Carol Dweck, a psychologist, there are two mindsets - one is a growth mindset, and the other one is a fixed mindset.

If you have a growth mindset, you have the belief that intelligence can be developed. But, on the other hand, if you have a fixed mindset, you disagree and believe that intelligence is a fixed trait that can't be developed.

Developing a growth mindset during lockdown will not only help you with school, but also in general, it will help you understand that you are continuously growing and becoming a better person, and lockdown is a big part of your growth. 

photo from @wetheurban on Instagram

5. Become an early riser

This is HARD, at least for me haha! Waking up early during lockdown, (especially on weekends!) will give you a longer day, and you will feel so much more motivated when you notice how much you have already done, for example, by 10am, and usually, you would have waken up at that time!

In my opinion, it's such a good head start to the day and on those days when I actually did wake up early, I was so much more productive.

There are many factors that made my days more productive because I woke up earlier. It's the realisation in the morning that I have more time and that I don't have to do some things in a rush. It's the way I know it's early morning but I've completed so many things already, and the day has just begun! 

It's also the relief knowing that I have more time to prepare, for example, for my online classes, interviews for my podcast, different webinars, in general preparing for my day, & other stuff!

6. Keep in touch with friends & family, and with old friends too

This seems pretty obvious, but I know it's a thing we can forget to do, especially if we are busy and have a lot of things going on.

I definitely keep in touch with my family & my best friends, but I'm guilty of forgetting to catch up with/reply to some of my closest friends, and old friends I haven't talked to in ages!!

Go and call that friend you haven't spoken to in a while now! Or go and send a message! If you haven't caught up in ages and don't know what to say, say something like;

  • I know it's been a while, but I just wanted to see how you're doing?
  • It's been ages haha, just wanted to say hi!
  • Wow we haven't talked in such a long time! How are you?
It's so important to keep in contact with those old friends too -  they were so special to you at some point (and to me they still are!).

Catching up with those old friends once in awhile has personally really improved lockdown for me!

7. Have a lockdown school morning routine

We all had some sort of school morning routine back before lockdown, right? Well, forget that routine! It's time to create a new one - a limited edition one - for lockdown :))

Now that we have online classes, more time in the mornings & less movement, it's time to create a brand new morning routine fitted for lockdown.

I have changed my morning routine too, and I have added new things I do in the mornings and removed some things I used to do. 

Now I (at least TRY to, lol!):

  • wake up earlier -  I of course had to do that before lockdown, too, but during lockdown I kind of stopped, so I'm getting that back into my morning routine
  • exercise + stretch -  we are sitting throughout our entire morning when we have online classes, and so I decided to exercise and stretch before my classes. Back before lockdown, I didn't have to do that as during breaks we'd be walking from class to class and moving about.
  • plan my school work that I have to do -  online school is a new thing to most of us (it is to me at least!) and so planning what homework I have to do, what tests I have to study for & what assignments I have to complete helps me not forget what I need to do! I also like to plan my day and make a to do list in general for the day in the mornings so I get everything I need to do done for that day, but this is something I did before lockdown as well, just not in the mornings, but the day before, usually in the evenings!
  • revise right before my classes - didn't do this at all as during our breaks me and my best friends we'd just hangout with each other, unless we had a test, that's the only time we'd actually stay right before class! But because of lockdown, our lessons are shortened from 45 mins to 30 mins, and so I have the perfect amount of time to revise right before classes!
Hope that inspired you to create something like my lockdown school morning routine!! This is actually a little teaser of a podcast episode coming some time soon with a special guest!

8.  Do something each day that will bring you closer to where you want to be in 5 years time

And at the end of the day, list out that thing, or things, in your diary/journal, trust me. <3

9. Make memories

Even though it's lockdown, there are so many fun things you can do, simply staying at home! 

get my free ultimate list of things you should do during lockdown by clicking here!! this is something I have created in April 2020, and I keep on adding new pages with new ideas! there is over 125 fun things to do, and they are a way you can create memories during your lockdown!

10. Start a lockdown photo album

One day it could be in a museum, who knows?! But really, this refers to point #9 - have a place for those memories you make during lockdown. 

Keeping a photo album during lockdown will help you save all those special photos, and it will be a space you will look back on and see the good in those 2 years of lockdown.  

hope you guys loved this blogpost!! it was so fun collaborating with Ella, make sure to check out Ella's part of the collab, link to her blog and instagram down below!!

wish you all a better lockdown, stay safe!! x