how to make time for your hobbies, and why you should ⇢ COLLAB with Tonni Moll

heyyy! Do you struggle to make time for your hobbies, or can't just seem to prioritise your hobbies over other things? This blogpost is the right one for you!

In today's blogpost, you will learn all about making time for your hobbies - and why you should.

Because some of the stuff that are in this blog post haven't been made yet for example my podcast episodes,  I have made 3 articles into this one blogpost! <3

This blogpost is my first ever collab with a graphic designer! Thank you to Tonni Moll for making the graphics for my blogpost - I love them!! 

They look AMAZING! To see more of Tonni Moll's graphic designs, head over to her instagram page by clicking here!! 

5 questions to ask yourself:

1. Why do you enjoy your hobbies?

This is the question that you need to ask yourself. Whenever you answer this, you will remind yourself the reasons why you enjoy doing these hobbies. As soon as you remember the reasons, you will want to do the hobbies more and so you will prioritise them over other things.

2. What are your hobbies?

You probably didn't realise this, but you have grown. You are not the same person you were a year ago. Maybe your hobbies shouldn't be your hobbies anymore. It's possible that you have simply outgrown them.

Write down every activity that you consider to be your hobby, and see which one you would be keen on doing right now, just dropping everything, and doing that hobby. The hobbies that you are like,"ehh, I can't be bothered to do them." or you are like,"Maybe later, I don't really have the energy to do that,. GET. RID. OF. THEM!

There is no point in having a hobby if you don't like it, or don't enjoy it. A hobby is something you enjoy doing, something that you consider to be fun or an enjoyable activity. Not something you procrastinate on.

3. Why did you start this hobby?

THIS. Sometimes we need a little reminder of why we started something in the first place. As time passes, we may forget some people, some places, memories, and even - hobbies.

We might forget why we began doing something in the first place. It's important to remind ourselves one in a while of the big reason behind why we started doing this activity.

4. What demotivated you from continuing your hobby?

Something or someone might have demotivated you from your hobby. One of my examples is with drawing. Since I was little, I have absolutely loved drawing. And I still do. But, there was a long period of time where I stopped drawing. 

What demotivated me from drawing was my art teacher. I'm not going to rant online about her, but you guys are smart enough to figure that part out.

Anyways, you have to figure out the root of the problem. The root of why you stopped doing the thing that you've always loved doing.

5. Did you lose inspiration/ideas?

A partial reason of why you could have stopped doing your hobby could be your lack of inspiration o ideas. I saw a blogger once that quit blogging, and then the next 5 bloggers quit blogging a few days later. I suspect that they probably took some inspiration from her, and now that she archived her blog, they don't know where they can find new inspiration!

If you ever have a lack of ideas, for example, let's assume that your hobby is reading, and you don't know what books to read, you have completed your to-read list, and you now have no idea of what to read. Don't give up so easily! A little google search and you will find plenty of ideas for books you can read!

This is a little teaser of a new project I'm working on!!!🤫😎

What to do to make time for your hobbies?

6. Improve your time management skills

I cannot stress this enough how important it is to improve your time management skills. I have actually made an entire blog post all about this on my blog click here to to read it!

In that blog post, I included many different tips and advice to help you with your time management skills. Give it a read and that's a good start to improving them already! 

I'm also going to be making not one not to but three episodes on time management on my podcast soon! Time management is something that is not a simple thing to do.

It takes a lot of practice and time to really improve them. You may think that your time management skills are good but they clearly aren't if you're reading this blog post.

I'm going to be spreading out the time management tips as there are so many and I wouldn't be able to fit all of them in into a 15 minute episode I could do one big fan episode but I think that there are three different categories of time management that I'd like to cover within the span of three episodes.

7.  Prioritise your hobbies

Prioritisation is something that's one of the keys to productivity, organisation, time management skills, and making time for your hobbies.

I will be making a separate podcast episode all about prioritisation, so stay tuned for that! Once it will be posted,  I will update this blog post and add the link to it right here! :)

8. Track your progress

Tracking your progress is important to constantly be aware of whether you, or whether the things that you are doing to improve in something are working. I have to say that once you start tracking your progress, you won't go back. I personally didn't.

 I think that tracking your progress if you're doing really well not only does it give you more motivation because of how good you are, but, also, it will help you notice if you aren't really progressing in this thing. If you aren't showing signs of progress in this activity, then you know it's time to do something about it & take action!

You can track your progress with multiple ways for example if making time for hobbies is something that you really want to dedicate time to changing then I think a good start would be to have a page in like a notebook or in your bullet journal that you can use to track your progress. You can make different columns, a calendar, and there are many other ways that you can do that.

9. Find new ones

As I stated in the second tip, sometimes we outgrow our hobbies. It may be a little saddening considering if you had this hobby for quite a long time we had it since you were a child but it is totally normal. 

Just like we outgrow shows, songs, and even people, like our friends, its the same with hobbies. We are probably had a friend or friends that we have simply outgrown we don't have as much in common as we used to we have different ambitions, and we just don't have the same friendship like we did before, and that's a sign that you have outgrown each other. it's the same with hobbies if you don't enjoy them as much as he used to that simply means that you could have a go into hobbies and..

10.  Cancel plans

If you have too many plans going on and that is the main reason why you are not making time for your hobbies, cancel some of those plans! Especially pointless if you were going to somewhere or just someone that you don't look forward to going to. There is no point in wasting your time going to a place that you don't enjoy going to for example if you don't like theatres, then don't go to a theatre. If you don't like hanging out with a toxic friend cut off that friend. 

If it is a situation where you don't really have a choice, then no, for example, you don't like going to a tutor how do you just don't like that subject then no that's not really a plan that you should cancel but if it's a plan that's optional then no cancel.

Why you should make time for your hobbies?

5 reasons why you should make time for your hobbies: 

1. It's something of your own

Hobbies are stuff that you can do what you enjoy doing, voluntarily. No one told you to do it. No school, no person, no one. We have to somehow discover our hobbies through someone because of something, that doesn't necessarily mean that we were forced to do it. We could do it if we wanted to and if we didn't want to we didn't do it. But a lot of the times when we wanted to do it we just didn't because we didn't have the time. I hope that so far this article has helped you to understand how you can make time for hobbies, and now I want to share a bit more why you should.

Hobbies are chosen just by you. You have the power over your hobby. You can control what you do with it. No one can take that hobby away from you! <3

2. An amazing way to spend time with your friends

If you have a hobby for example DIY, then you can do so many stuff with that hobby. If you have friends who also have the same hobby as you, you can hang out with them and do the hobby together. It's a fun way to spend time with your friends, as you're all doing the same thing that you love doing, together. It's even more fun that way.

I'm so happy that my best friend loves DIY as much as I do, as it is so much fun doing different DIY is an arts and crafts with her! Recently we have made aesthetic rings out of clay, and it actually turned out really good, to our suprisment! 

If you have time to spend with your friends, but not time to spend for your hobbies, and those friends don't have the same hobbies as you, a fun way to make time is to introduce them to your hobby, for example,e if your hobby is skateboarding (ah, how much I'd love to know how to skateboard!), then take them to a skateboard park! Show them how much fun it is, and maybe they will love it as much as you do! 

3. Practice it, become better at it, and call it a talent

If you make time for your hobbies, you will become even better at it. The improvement at your hobby will make you love your hobby even more, as it's something that you're good at. It will become one of your talents.

Usually, when we have a hobby, and we love doing it, its because we know that we are really good at it, but if we don't make time for those hobbies, that may be because we know we're not as good as we wish we were at that hobby, and so we don't bother in doing that hobby anymore.

Remember to strive for progress and not perfection. I even have this quote up on my pin board above my desk! :)

4. It will be something you can be proud of

Our hobbies come in use a lot in our lives. For example, if your hobby is drawing, and you are really good at drawing, if someone needed to draw something for example a class poster, they will ask you, and you will feel proud of your hobby and yourself. It's good to be proud of yourself sometimes. I think this is something that needs to be normalised in society, because we all are secretly proud of ourselves, sometimes, and that's a very good thing.

When someone shows how proud they are go themselves, society thinks they are overconfident, and they are boasting about themselves. When they stop sharing their achievements, society thinks that they are insecure and unappreciative. I think being proud of yourselves sometimes should be normalised, not discouraged! =)

5. You won't regret it - it's fun

Here's the thing with hobbies - you will never regret doing it. As I mentioned above once you have eliminated all those toxic hobbies that you don't like anymore and you have found the hobbies that you laugh then once you do them you will never regret it after because you love doing it and it's fun.

For example, one of my hobbies is blogging and I've never regretted starting a blog and I've never regretted blogging! 

Doing that hobby will make you happy -  and that's the most important thing!

I hope you all found this blogpost useful, and helpful! It was so fun collaborating with Tonni!

What are your hobbies? Let's chat in the comments!!