My Spring 2021 Bucket List | a collaboration with Kaitlynne from mypureblyss !!

heyyy!! ahh tomorrow's May!

In the last few weeks, it was raining, sunshine, cold, warm, and I can't keep up! The weather is changing literally every 10 mins!

Now I finally feel like it's spring, it's such lovely weather outside lately! YAY!!

As tomorrow is the first day of May, Kaitlynne from mypureblyss & I decided to both make a spring 2021 bucket list!! It's never too late to make a bucket list!

Go check out Kaitlynne's blogpost by clicking here to see her spring bucket list! It was so much fun writing it, and I loved collaborating with Kaitlynne! 

 Also, head over to her instagram page by clicking here to follow along while she completes her bucket list! Her instagram feed gives off spring (and summer!) vibes so much!

Onto my bucket list! Here's what is on my bucket list! Read on to see what I put on it, get some inspiration for your own spring bucket lists, inspo for your spring photoshoots, and also, get into the spring spirit!! If this blogpost doesn't give you spring vibes, I don't know what will (or... maybe I do...go check out my & Kaitlynne's new instagram post teehee!)

I decided to write mine in my bullet journal, as I love ticking stuff off in it I also haven't shared a photo of my journal on my blog in a while now, and y'all can get some bullet journal inspiration in the meantime! <3

Here it is:

The SUPER exciting thing about this collab is that it's going to be two blogposts - one with our bucket lists, and then another one at the end of May with how many stuff of our bucket lists have we completed! This bucket list is making me soo excited for May!

I wrote 30 things, one for each day in May, except for the last one! I left 3 blank spaces on purpose...

Throughout May, there may be something I'll want to do, and if my entire page in my journal was filled, I wouldn't have where to put those ideas! So, in those 3 spaces, I will be able to put down any other stuff that I want to do throughout May! =)

I hope you all got some ideas and inspiration of what you can put on your bucket lists, and if you haven't made one yet, or you weren't even planning on making one, this is a sign that you should go and make one right now!

Bucket lists are super fun to make and complete, and they always make you look forward to something exciting!! It's also super fun if you want to try new things -  adding them to your bucket list is a perfect way to do that!

What's on your spring 2021 bucket list, or, what do you want to do in spring? Me and Kaitlynne would love to know!! 

Have you made a spring '21 bucket list yet? Let's chat in the comments!! 

Hope you all have a lovely May, enjoy your Spring, everyone!!πŸ¦‹πŸŒΈπŸŒžπŸ’


  1. Your bucket list is so cool Pati! I've never really thought of organising a tea party but it seems like such a fun idea! Great post! <3