journaling for the new month - May 2021, let's gooo! ☆ bullet journal inspiration, how I have set my goals for May, inspirational quotes & more! | a collaboration with Just Keep Smiling Blogs

 ahh can't believe it's May already! time flew by so, so quickly this year!! But I have to say that 2021 has been amazing so far!! The vaccines, how much my blog & instagram have grown (thank you all!!), I was a finalist in this English competition, I became the project director for BlogXplore, I was featured in a magazine -> Simply Creative Co, I won two giveaways, all of the collaborations with amazing bloggers, all the time spent with my family & friends, all of the new made memories and good habits, and so many other things!!!! <3

This blogpost is a collaboration with Just Keep Smiling Blogs - click here to read her part of the collab! I'm so happy she reached out to me! It was so much fun collaborating with her!!

Click here to see her amazing blog, and here to see her instagram page! 

As we are nearly halfway through May, we both decided to write a blogpost related to this month! She wrote about her goals for May, and how much she has achieved of them already!

I've made different pages in my journal for this month! I'll be sharing them below!

Goals for May

I've recently been featured in the simply creative co's magazine the 2nd issue. I am beyond happy that my article was featured there!

It was such an honour being featured amongst all of these incredible creators. Click here to read it!

My article there is about setting goals for a new month - the correct way. You can read it to gain more insight about how to do that!

Here's the bullet journal page that I used to set my goals for the new months. I made two columns - one to list my goals, and the other one to jot down the purpose of them. Why do I want to achieve this? What's the bigger goal I'm going towards, if I achieve this small one? 

I also created a separate page for the action plan. There, I wrote about what I'm going to do to achieve those goals, and what steps will I take to work towards them. 

The action plan is not an ordinary plan. As the name suggests, it's a plan with actions. 

This is the page where you can write literally anything you want to do to achieve those goals. Really think about what are these steps, both the small, and the big, and write them down.

May Spread

This is my May month spread! It's the beginning of the first chapter in my journal

This is actually a new journal, my first journal that's dotted!! This means that May is the first month spread in it, so it's not really a divider! 

In every month spread, there are these drawings that relate to the month of the spread. I drew 3 flowers, because 3 is my lucky number, haha, and I'm going to be taking part in lots of competitions, and, also, I have a few exams in May. The 3 flowers are for good luck :)

Spring bucket list 2021

This was actually a collaboration with Kaitlynne from mypureblyss! Click here to read the blogpost 

Here I wrote down over 30+ things I want to do this Spring! It was so much fun writing this!!

Language Goals

I didn't write down any language goals for myself for this year, so I did them in this new journal! They aren't for May only, but for all of this year. 


For inspiration and motivation for this new month, I wrote down quotes in my journal that will inspire me to work towards my goals! I actually have an entire Pinterest board for my favourite quotes, click here to get inspired! :)

I hope you all got lots of inspiration for your bullet journals! What exciting things have happened to you this year so far? Let's chat in the comments! :))



  1. I love this and your designs in your journal are beautiful! Keep up the amazing work Pati!