I'm back!! where have I been, what I've been up to & an announcement | a life update

hey hey! long time no see! I'm back!

It's been a while. I haven't posted on my blog in ages. I'm so glad to be back! 

This blogpost is a life update (the first one on my blog ever!) -> what I've been doing, where I've been and there's also an exciting announcement!  

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I've been pretty busy lately, finding it difficult to find time to post on my blog. But, I've written so many blogposts as I will be busy during the summer holidays', too, of course (busy sunbathing & eating ice-cream...). 

But really, I have a few stuff I've planned to do during the summer vacation that are important to me (there are deadlines). I'll be writing a separate blogpost on those.

Exciting things will be happening! Both on my blog, on my instagram, and in other places...

What have I been doing/working on?

I've been spending lots of time with my friends, my fam, and...with me! I've gotten the time to get to know myself more. I journaled, thought, brainstormed, read and wrote. 

I started something that I've been wanting to start for a looong time now. Something that I was constantly thinking about. Then, on a sunny morning, scrolling through Pinterest of course, I came across this exact quote:

I printed it out and stuck it into my journal. What's the next thing I'd done? I started. I started to confidently go in the directions of one of my dreams - to be an English tutor.

What would make me stand out? I thought. Then I reminded myself of a YouTube video I had watched by Nicole Rafiee. In short, she talked about the way that honesty, above everything else, is something people are looking for in content creators, like YouTubers, bloggers, tiktokers, etc.

I thought of an idea. I could apply this strategy to my tutoring description. So I wrote about why I would be a good English tutor, full on honest. 

I wrote about how much I disagree with people that think you need to have a strong grasp of grammar to speak well in English. I wrote about my learning methods, and that they aren't just from a few worksheets or a textbook. 

I included my skills as a tutor, my achievements and a little about me. Once I was fully glad with what I've written, boom! I posted it. 

I currently have 3 students. It's such an amazing experience, and I'm extremely glad I've started tutoring at such a young age.  

To my surprise, there are kids that tutor way younger than me - some as young as 10! I read an article about that kid, and that she's tutoring to develop her communication skills.

It's so cool in my opinion, seeing so many young teens and kids gaining experience by doing stuff, like starting their own businesses, their YouTube channels, and so on, and some even earning some money off of it. 

This goes to everyone, to all ages: if you want to start something, you should just go for it. The only person who is really judging you is yourself.

Start writing that book, go start that shop, start that YouTube channel you've been dreaming of starting, go! You don't need to have all the answers and knowledge about something to start, you just have to be willing enough to take the first step. 

Where have I been enjoying the sun?

On bike rides, sleepovers, walks, enjoying the sun in my best friend's (also my neighbour which is so awesome) pool and more! Sometimes it was rainy, and so then I was sitting on the sofa, catching up on Stranger Things (I'm so behind) =)

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I've also took part in so many amazing opportunities, including magazines, collaborations, competitions, and more! Can't wait to share all of this with you all! I hope this inspires at least some of you to go follow your dreams (I know how cringey that sounds, but for real!).


I'm starting my first ever blogging series on my blog! It's called ,,How to deal with"! 

Each blogpost will be a guide on dealing with something that decreases your productivity and/or motivation. It will be a series of 15 blogposts!

I've finished writing all of the blogposts because on this Sunday (4th of July), I'm going on holiday to the mountains and I won't be able to write anything on my blog for a bit (I'll be active on my instagram, though :).

What's something you've been working on? What's something that you have been thinking of starting?