how to deal with: copycats

welcome to the first blogpost of my first blogging series - how to deal with!!

I know we all have dealt with copycats at some point, whether small things at school, like someone copying your group's ideas, when your class was doing teamwork and had to be split into different groups, or bigger things, like someone's content creations.

Seeing your work being copied, when you have put so much effort and time into something, can be a bit de-motivating. I've heard from so many content creators about how it makes them kind of sad that their articles, their YouTube videos, and even their magazine is being copied. 

Copycats are EVERYWHERE! Some copy your content, others copy your ideas, artwork, copy words, anything, really. They don't understand the difference between being inspired, and copying. 

They think that it's ok. If no one has called them out for it, if nobody has confronted them, they will continue to copy. Being inspired and taking someone's work or ideas are two different things. 

Copycats are not inspired to recreate, they are just inspired to copy. It's easier for them to simply create something that's already been made, rather than for them to have to think of a different thing.

How to deal with people like this?

1. Shift your thoughts

They say copying is another form of flattery, and there is some truth in that. I still believe, though, that copying is another form of pure laziness, lack of creativity, originality and inspiration. 

But I do think now, still, despite of the above, that you're winning if you're being copied. You're the inventor, they're the imitator. Change your thoughts to think about people that copy you or you're content in another way. 

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2. Confront them (kindly)

It's hard. Very, very hard. Especially if they are someone you know. But, if you want to put a stop to it, you should have the awkward conversation with them, whether that's by email, instagram dms, or if you know them - in real life. 

Sometimes it works out, other times it backfires. Try to confront them kindly, by following these steps:

  • appreciation: "I'm so glad to see how my ...(ex. YouTube video, artwork, blogpost, book, product, etc) has inspired you!"
  • concern: "I saw that this was my work that you shared that you hadn't credited me for. I'm just wondering what your intentions where with this, before I jump into conclusions"
  • want of a solution: "I'd love to sort this out with you!"

3. Copyrights

The worst thing is when someone with a larger following or more recognisable than a smaller account copys' you, as you won't get credited for it. For example, when larger companies copy smaller businesses. 

No one will most likely spot it. The same applies to, for example, TikTokers. Charli D'amelio has a larger following than Jalaiah Harmon (you probably don't even know who she is). When Jalaiah made a dance and posted it to TikTok, it was becoming more known and more people started doing it, Charli did it, and she got the most credit for it, when it wasn't even her dance...

You've probably heard of the dance if you have tiktok. It's the renegade.

Copying is in every industry. Even celebrities "copy" each other's outfits...

What annoys us all about people who copy is that then others don't know who's work is the original one, and whether it was intentional or by coincidence. By coincidence means that, for example, you wrote and published a book, someone else read it and unknowingly used the same plot and characters as in your book when writing theirs, but with a few, small differences. 

With outfits, it's not really copying, though, as everyone has the right to buy a dress and wear it. But, with work that YOU made, and someone didn't buy it or didn't credit you, or you didn't give permission to take, that's another thing...

4. Continue doing what you do

Just rock your own work, and continue being original. If you are a content creator, even though other people are copying your work, your followers who look at the content in your niche will know exactly where someone else copied your work from.  

Remember not to let anyone stop you from doing what you love <3

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Has someone copied your work before? What did you do about it?

Pati x